Yay! More stuff about me:


What I do

Over the last years I have become skilled at creating concepts, advising clients, giving presentations and holding workshops. I enjoy coaching juniors and I am deeply motivated to enhance teamwork and productivity through continuous improvement.

I believe processes should serve creativity, that is why I love working with agile project methods like Scrum or use creative approaches such as Design-Sprints.

Next to my daily work, I regularly hold talks and attend UX and HCD specific meetups. I also volunteer in the organizational team of the “Usability Testessen“ meetup in Munich.

You are able to find detailed information regarding my CV on LinkedIn and Xing.

How I’d like to work


As certified Scrum Master I deeply believe in the power of agile methods and Scrum in particular. Scrum means “Able to move quickly and easily” and is really about continuous improvement. This improvement could be achieve by self-organization, autonomy and feedback from the entire team within the supportive framework of Scrum.


For my daily work I use Sketch, InVision and Slack the most. They work perfectly together and suit most of my needs. Next to the pixel pushing, I love to work with pen and paper to illustrate and communicate first ideas and rough concepts. It’s super easy and super fast to get some initial feedback from other people. If I need to build more fidelity prototypes, Axure is my choice. I build presentations in Keynote and have a straightforward process on crafting them.

Share knowledge and ideas

Meetups, barcamps and conferences form an important part in my professional life. I enjoy inspiring talks, good conversations and the certain vibe which comes with them. You possibly could add the well-known phrase “sharing is caring“ to this.

Building ideas on inspiration and thoughts of others is what I acknowledge, then together we’re always smarter than alone. Fighting and encouraging an open feedback culture within any company matters to me, because I deeply believe in the dynamics of groups and shared knowledge.

This is also the reason I am part of the organizing team at the “Usability Testessen“ and hold talks at the “UX Monday“ myself. I attend every “Design Thinking“ meetup and try to visit the “agile Tuesday“ as well, to name a few within Munich. Next to that I participate in Barcamps all over Europe to share my insights and get new ideas for my daily work.

 In my spare time

I read a lot of books, my current favorites are Scott Berkun – The year without pants because of it’s insights on working culture and remote working and Kevin Kelly – The Inevitable to get a glimpse, what will happen in the next couple decades.

Traveling and discovering new cultures keeps me happy, the last countries I visited were: Japan, Nepal, Iceland.

Btw, I enjoy cycling and all stuff around it, that I found and post pretty irregular at TireTales.cc.